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    February 02, 2024 5 min read

    Calling all Hong Kong lovebirds!  Get ready to make your Valentine's Day blossom with the most drop-dead-gorgeous flowers in town!  Forget boring chocolates and predictable plushies – it's time to speak the language of love that's all about vibrant colours, intoxicating scents, and serious wow factor.

    Whether you're a love pro picking the perfect petals or a total blossom newbie, this guide is your secret weapon to saying "I love you" in a way that'll make your honey's heart do a triple flip.  So ditch the dating app anxieties and dive into this floral wonderland where we'll find the blooms that'll have your sweetie swooning from Victoria Peak to Sai Kung!

    So grab a glass of bubbly (because even flower shopping deserves a glam moment!), throw on your cutest outfit, and let's paint the town red (or pink, or purple – you get the idea!) with the most romantic blooms Hong Kong has ever seen!


    The Best Flowers for Valentine’s Day

    Valentine's Day is tiptoeing closer, and let's face it, chocolates are so last season. This year, let's ditch the predictable and speak the language of love with something truly blooming brilliant: flowers!

    Imagine the scene: your special someone's eyes light up as they unveil a show-stopping bouquet, a symphony of colours and textures that whispers, "I adore you!" Forget the generic grocery store bunches – we're talking bespoke blooms that say, "You're one in a million, baby, and I handpicked these just for you!"

    So, ditch the boring, grab your LVLY spirit, and let's paint the town red with the ultimate Valentine's Day bouquet. Because let's be real, flowers are the OG love language, and this year, you're gonna be a floral Romeo (or Juliet!) they'll never forget.


    Cloud Nine Flower Jar

    Valentine's Day Flower


    Make your sweetie's heart do a happy dance with the Cloud Nine Flower Jar!  It's like a fluffy pink cloud of romance, bursting with cherry & champagne roses, cotton candy fluff, and sunshine-y goldenrods. Plus, eucalyptus whispers sweet nothings in the background.  All snuggled up in our signature LVLY jar, it's the gift that says "You're the cutest Cupid I know!"  Don't forget the "Happy Valentine's Day!" jar and a love note to make it extra swoon-worthy.  Packaged in a "Someone thinks you're awesome" box, it's guaranteed to send shivers down their spine (the good kind!).  Order your Cloud Nine magic now and prepare for fireworks!


    Pink Roses

    Ready to paint your sweetie's Valentine's Day with pure, playful romance?

    Imagine this: a knock at the door, and BAM! A box bursts open, overflowing with the fluffiest, most gorgeous pink roses you've ever seen.  They're fresh from local growers, so each petal practically shimmers with happiness. But it's not just about the roses (though, let's be real, they're pretty darn epic).  This is your chance to make it personal! Choose the size that screams your love – 10 for a sweet surprise, 15 for a "wowza!", or 20 for a jaw-dropping, heart-stopping gesture.

    And then? Wrap it up in that crisp white paper, tie it with a flirty white ribbon, and add a message that melts their heart faster than a chocolate fondue fountain.  Boom! You've just crafted the Valentine's Day gift that'll have them saying "OMG, you're the cutest!" for weeks. So ditch the predictable, embrace the playful, and let LVLY's Pink Roses paint your love story with the brightest shades of pink!


    Red Roses Bouquet

    Imagine six (or twelve, you smooth operator!) velvety red roses, each one so perfect it looks like they bloomed straight from Cupid's garden. Wrapped in crisp white paper like a sweet secret, tied with a flirty white ribbon, they're practically begging to be adored.

    But wait, there's more! A blank canvas in the form of a free message card, ready for you to unleash your inner love poet. Scribble a cheeky joke, a steamy promise, or a heartfelt "you're my lobster" – the possibilities are as endless as your love is smokin' hot.

    Trust us, these roses aren't just flowers, they're love grenades guaranteed to blow their socks (and maybe their mind) right off. So say "I love you" in the language of LVLY – big, bold, and bursting with heart. This Valentine's Day, make it an LVLY kind of love story!

    Best Valentine’s Day Flower Arrangements

    Imagine bouquets so dreamy, they'll rewrite love poems and have Cupid doing jumping jacks. We're talking vibrant explosions of colour, delicate whispers of romance, and arrangements that'll steal the show faster than you can say "Be mine forever."

    Whether you're a hopeless romantic or a smooth operator with a secret crush, we've got the perfect blooms to make your significant other swoon. Think sunshine smiles disguised as petals, whispers of passion hidden in every bud, and bouquets that scream "you're one in a million" without needing a single word.


    Fairytale Forever Flower Jar

    Our "Fairytale Forever Flower Jar" is bursting with the sweetest pink roses, fluffy white eustomas, and a whisper of eucalyptus, all snuggled up in our iconic LVLY jar. Picture this: your love unwraps it, and BAM! Instant happy dance guaranteed.

    It's not just about the gorgeous blooms (though, swoon!), it's about the magic they hold. These beauties are preserved to last a whole year, a constant reminder of your love story's happily ever after. Talk about a fairytale come true! Plus, we've sprinkled some extra romance with a cute "Happy Valentine's Day!" message jar and a blank card for your most heartfelt note. Warning: prepare for serious squee-ing (and maybe a few happy tears).

    Ecuador Rose Flower Bouquet

    Forget boring red roses this Valentine's Day, darling! Make their heart skip a beat with our mystical Ecuador Rose bouquet, overflowing with 10 or 20 magical silvermist blooms straight from the Andes!  These aren't your grandma's roses – these beauties are like whispered secrets dipped in moonlight, guaranteed to charm them right off their Louboutins.

    Imagine the look on their face when they unwrap this premium white paper package, tied with a bow like a love letter waiting to be read. It's like holding a piece of enchanted moonlight, ready to light up their entire world.



    And there you have it, lovebirds! Your petal-perfect guide to blooming Valentine's Day romance. Remember, no matter what you choose, the most important ingredient is a sprinkle of YOU! So go forth, spread the love, and make someone's day (and maybe their whole year!) blossom with gorgeous blooms. Happy Valentine's Day, you beautiful bunch!